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Every Christmas Morn

by The Solo Committee

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Christmas Joy Words by Carey and Sue Loomis Music by Carey Loomis Verse 1 When days are too short and the nights are too cold Crowds are too thick and the ads are too bold, Remember the manger, the star and the gold. Chorus Let this Christmas fill you with joy, For love and peace, all those are Thine. You have today all that you need. Bring us together and bring in the Christ. Verse 2 Light candles of welcome, with warm hearts enfold. Hang circles of evergreen for all to behold. Remember the manger, the star and the gold. Chorus Verse 3 Gather your family and friends of your soul. Sing songs of joy that are never too old. Remember the manger, the star and the gold. Chorus
My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 The angel Gabriel was sent from God To the city Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to Joseph. Mary was her name; Mary was her name. Chorus My soul doth magnify the Lord And rejoiceth in God. God is mighty and hath done great things. Holy is His name; Holy is His name. Verse 2 The angel came to Mary and said, Hail! Thou art highly favored. The Lord is with thee. Thou shalt bear a son. Jesus shall be his name; Jesus shall be his name. Chorus Verse 3 Mary asked the angel then, How shall this be? I know no man. The Holy Ghost shall come, he said, And reveal the Christ; reveal the Christ. Bridge The holy thing that is born of thee Shall be called the Son of God. Of his kingdom there shall be no end. He shall reign forevermore. Chorus
Every Christmas Morn Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 Shepherds keeping watch by night, In solitude you see the light, The light of one lone shining star, The one so brave that gleams afar. Chorus Let it lead you all the way To see the babe this Christmas day; The babe of hope that’s newly born On this and every Christmas morn. Verse 2 Across a night of darkness go But do not wander to and fro. Give you whole attention there, Undeterred by earthly care. Chorus Bridge And when you find the precious child Fall on bended knee awhile. Worship, honor and implore This babe of healing you adore. Verse 3 This is the work of shepherds all, To watch and listen for the call That comes as light in darkest gloom And brings our deepest prayers to bloom. Chorus Let it lead you all the way To see the babe this Christmas day; The babe of hope that’s newly born On this, on this and every Christmas morn. Let it lead you every Christmas morn.
Silent Night 01:39
To The Babe 02:48
To the Babe Words by Sue Loomis Music by Carey Loomis Verse 1 Wise men and camels traveled far Guided by an awesome star. Faithful wise men, now, today, Show us how to find our way to the babe. Chorus Wait! Watch! Open hearted; Faithful, once you’re started. Love still shines today, Showing us the way to the babe. Verse 2 Wise men watched the stars for signs Of a king they went to find. We watch news. We search online But never see conclusive signs…… Verse 3 Wise men toiled on, unafraid, And found the baby, sweetly laid. They freely gave inspired wealth I can give myself to the babe. Chorus Bridge Trusting the star that guides me, I find the babe beside me. Mother Love will show me Christ, who’s always loved and known me. Verse 4 Wise men saved – warned by dreams, They avoided Herod’s schemes. Listen; don’t be led astray. Go with angels all the way to the babe. Chorus
Christmas Morn Words by Mary Baker Eddy, used by permission Music by Robert Rockabrand Verse 1 Blest Christmas morn, though murky clouds Pursue thy way, Thy light was born where storm enshrouds Nor dawn nor day! Verse 2 Dear Christ, forever here and near, No cradle song, No natal hour and mother’s tear, To thee belong. Verse 3 Thou God-idea, Life encrowned, The Bethlehem babe – Beloved, replete, by flesh embound – Was but thy shade! Verse 4 & 5 Thou gentle beam of living Love, And deathless Life! Truth infinite, so far above All mortal strife, Or cruel creed, or earthborn taint; Fill us today With all thou art – be thou our saint, Our stay, alway.
Unto Us 03:09
Unto Us Words by Carey and Sue Loomis Music by Carey Loomis Arranged by The Solo Committee Chorus Unto us a child is born! Unto us a son is given! He’ll be called Emanuel – God is with us; God with us. Verse 1 Light of Love, oh bless us all! Baby Jesus, in a manger stall; Born of Mary, pure of thought, Innocence by all men sought. Chorus Verse 2 Christ the King, by prophets long foretold, Wise men brought him frankincense and gold. Through his Soul inspired healing ministry, He taught the Truth that makes men free. Chorus Verse 3 Crucified by fear and guilt and sin, Rising still, the Christly sense within, Overcoming worldly hate and strife, Showing forth the kingdom of eternal Life. Bridge For the seekers everywhere, For the gentile, Jew and Greek, For disciples through all time, Christ is here for those who seek. Chorus – 2
This Babe That We Chrerish Words and music by Sara T Rockabrand Verse 1 This babe born of Mary, Sent from heaven above; This babe that we cherish, God’s own son beloved. To him we bring our tribute, Our carols and our art; What more can I give him? Give him my heart. Verse 2 Life and Love appearing In the perfect man; God’s great gift revealing His eternal plan; This babe of Christian healing, We cherish and adore. Come, Christians, join in singing, Praise forever more. This babe that we cherish…
Lo! 03:06
Lo! Words by Sue Loomis Music by Carey Loomis Arranged by The Solo Committee Chorus Lo! His Word that healed me. Lo! That Word is here. Lo! His healing message Speaking gently in my ear. Verse 1 Truth divine, overcoming All the ills that seem to be, In my heart your word is staying. I will know you and be free. Chorus Verse 2 Love divine, never failing, All your presence and your power, Mighty still, you save and heal me, Guarding, guiding, every hour. Chorus Verse 3 Life divine, still proclaiming My true being one with you, Sinless, fearless, whole, rejoicing, Now forever one with you. Chorus (2)
Keep A Little Chapel In Your Heart Words by Dee Miller Music by Peter Hodgson Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 Keep a little chapel in your heart, where you may go and pray. Cares and fears will fade away, and you’ll feel close to God. Verse 2 Keep a little chapel in your heart, a safe and sacred place, where only love can enter in, this haven of peace and grace. Chorus Bridge A chapel heart of love, where you can watch and pray, a quiet, secret place. A chapel in your heart, a chapel in your heart.
Good News 03:10
Good News! Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Chorus Good News! Good News! God reigns on earth as in heaven. Good News! Good News! The unspeakable gift is given. Verse 1 How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of them that publish peace, That bring good tidings of salvation, Christ’s kingdom shall never cease. Chorus Verse 2 Unto us a child is born To us a son is given. The government shall be upon his shoulder. Earth’s kingdom become those of heaven. Chorus Verse 3 The people that walked in darkness, Have seen a great and wondrous light. The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, And all together see His might. Bridge Every valley shall be exalted, Every mountain and hill made low, The crooked made straight and the rough places plain; It is written in our hearts so we all know.


Every Christmas Morn has new songs we have written for Christmas, new songs by our friends, a new setting of Mary Baker Eddy’s ‘Christmas Morn’, interspersed with traditional carols. Family and friends join us in some of the songs. We have recorded some instrumentals of old favorite carols that you will know and love, to weave in with the new songs that will uplift and inspire. We hope you will love the great variety and fresh inspiration.


released October 4, 2009


all rights reserved



The Solo Committee Hernando, Florida

In May of 2001 a small group of people began holding Christian Science Sunday services on the south side of St. Louis. It was a precious group of people, and Susan, a Christian Science practitioner, decided to drag out her old guitar and write some church solos. She soon was joined by Carey and Sue Loomis and The Solo Committee was born. Over the years they have produced 11 albums. ... more

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