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Grateful Hearts Unbounded

by The Solo Committee

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Grateful Hearts Unbounded (also recorded as Rejoice) Words and Music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 He came into their village, ten lepers stood afar. Cut off from friends and family, unclean, cast out, debarred. With hope they called to Jesus, with love he turned their way; His certainty of healing shone out just like a ray. Chorus Grateful hearts unbounded, lift your voice in song, Giving thanks to our Source of good to whom we each belong. Rejoice! Rejoice! Ye people, now rejoice! Our very being urges us will all our hearts, rejoice! Verse 2 Go show yourselves to the priest, my friends, heʼll say that you are clean. Apparently, without a word, they went in trust unseen And as they went, each one of them was cleansed of his disease; Unclean no more, in pain no more, at last to live life free. Verse 3 But what then of the one man who came back to give God thanks? Where were the other nine? Did they not care the same? Or were there no ungrateful men from where Christ Jesus stood? The viewpoint of the Christ beholds one man, forever good.ds
Bless the Lord, O my Soul Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Chorus Bless the Lord, O my soul! Bless the Lord, O my soul And all that is in me bless his name. Verse 1 Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits, Who redeems me from destruction And crowns me with lovingkindness. Bless the Lord for each momentʼs tender mercies That satisfy my mouth and soul with all good things. Chorus Verse 2 Ye his angels that excel in strength, bless the Lord. Do His commandments and listen to the voice of His word. Bless the Lord, all ye His ministers. Bless the Lord, all ye the do His pleasures. Chorus Verse 3 Bless the Lord, all His works, in all His places. Bless the Lord whoʼs ever presence fill all spaces. He renews me as the eagles, so that my youth prevails, Prepares His throne in heaven, so that His kingdom never fails. Chorus
Daughter Be of Good Comfort Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 For twelve long years a woman had An issue of blood that none could cure. Sheʼs spent all her money, but was without hope ʻTill she came to Christ Jesus, so strong and so pure, Saying Chorus Daughter, be of good comfort. Thy faith hath made thee whole. Go in peace, go in peace, God has restored your soul. Verse 2 She crept up behind him, so as not to be seen. Getting close to the Master was her only goal. Her fingertips touched just the hem of his robe, But did she reach out to know man is seamless, is whole? To hear Chorus Verse 3 The issue of blood, it stopped right away, And Jesus, feeling goodness flow out of him, said “Who touched me?” but she would not admit “It was me”, The disciples pointed out “The crowd is thronging thee”, But she heard Chorus Verse 4 The Master repeated, “Who touched me?” The woman came forward trembling. She told the whole crowd why sheʼd reached out to him And how sheʼd been healed at the touch of his hem. And he said Chorus
O Fear Thou Not Words: Susan Mack Music: Traditional (The Water is Wide) Arranged by The Solo Committee Oh fear thou not, for I am here! I’ll give thee strength and endless cheer. Be not dismayed, I am thy God, My righteousness, a saving rod. Our God is Principle, our God is Mind, And man is held in Truth divine, Without a pain, and without a tear, So free from guilt and free from fear. Established in Omnipotence, Known as the thought of Omnisicence; Surrounded by Everpresence here, All grace and good forever near. Come Spirit, Life, thou All-in-all, We cannot miss Your steadfast call To leave the dream and awake to know From Your embrace we cannot go. With grateful hearts and joy unbound, We lift our voice in endless round, Of praise to Thee, our precious Love, That lifts our sense to Soul above.
I Will, I Will Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 Throughout Galilee our Master healed, He embraced all the sick and the poor, And his love spread around and they flocked to his side, Asking him for their health to restore. Chorus: I will, I will, was the Master’s word. It’s God’s will, so it’s natural to do. I need no permission and make no excuse, For in God’s eyes it’s already true. Verse 2 One day came a leper beseeching him, So humble he kneeled on the ground, And he said, If you will you can make me clean, For I’m leprous and sorely bound. Verse 3 Then moved with such love that the mountains would melt, Jesus put forth his hand to touch him. Jesus said unto him, “I will, Be thou clean!” You are held in God’s hand as I am. Verse 4 And as soon as he spoke, then immediately, All the pain and the sorrow were gone, And that man was as clean as the day he was born, And as pure as the sunrise each dawn.
Seek Ye First Words by Sue Loomis Music by Susan Mack, Carey Loomis Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 Take no thought for your life, what food you eat. Take no thought for your life, what clothes you wear. Just look up at the birds, they fly so free. See the flowers in the field, in all their glory there! Chorus Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Seek ye first his righteousness. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, And all these things shall come to you. Verse 2 The flowers that flourish in the field, they do not toil. The birds that fly through the sky, they do not sow. Your Father feeds you with bread that will never spoil. Your Father clothes you in grace that will ever grow. Chorus Bridge I say unto you that Solomon in all his glory Was not arrayed like this simple flower! Therefore, take no thought saying, what shall we do? Be it eat or drink or cloth, it has no power. Chorus Chorus
Zacheus 04:20
Zacheus Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 I can imagine him, that hot and dusty day, Despised by all those people upon whom he’d pray For taxes; so much more than whatever they had due And yet, he longed to see him, to see Christ Jesus, too. Chorus Oh, Zacheus, can you see from there, That the Master’s eyes are full of care? That even one so short of height Is worthy of the Master’s might, Even one who did much wrong, Can find a way above the throng? Verse 2 And so he climbed up in a tree, a sycamore. I picture him out on a limb, but maybe that’s just lore. At any rate, we know this much, that soon the Master came. He stopped and looked right up at him and called to him by name. Chorus Come down, Zacheus, for with you I will abide. With joy he came down right away–what an honor, oh what pride! Did Zacheus feel his goodness then or sense his purity? Did the Master’s actions give this man the peace of dignity? Chorus I guess the people said, “How good can Jesus be? He’s gone to be a guest with that old sinner from the tree.” But it didn’t phase Christ Jesus, and Zacheus stood and told, “The half my goods I give the poor–from whom I’ve taken, restore fourfold.” Chorus Final Chorus Oh, Zacheus, this is your blessed day, Salvation and peace have come to you in this way. For even one so short of height Is worthy of the Master’s might. Even one who did much wrong Can find the way above the throng. Even one so short of height Is worthy to express what’s right. Even one who did much wrong Can find that all to God belong.
Thy Son Liveth Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 What would a father do to save his son, Even a certain nobleman? He’d travel so far from Capernaum To seek out that Nazarene healer for him. Chorus Come down, come down ‘ere my child die. Come down, come down was the father’s desperate cry. Come up, come up was Christ Jesus reply, Thy son liveth and can never die. Verse 2 With what power Jesus healed and with what dominion, That the people concluded he must be a magician. He said except ye see signs and wonders you won’t believe, But it’s God’s law, not person that your sickness relieves. Chorus Verse 3 Then without another word and without delay, He obeyed Jesus word to go his own way, And as he came home his servants rushed to tell Proclaiming with joy that his son was well. Chorus Verse 4 Now the father he asked them at what hour did he amend, And they said, yesterday at seventh hour did fever end. So the man and his whole house, they all did know the truth by then, That it was the same hour in which Jesus healed him. Chorus Come up, come up, until you know just why They son liveth and can never die.
Blessed Be 02:40
Blessed Be Words by Sue Loomis Music by Carey Loomis Chorus Blessed be my Father, God. Wrapped in you care, Blessed with all your spiritual gifts, I am you heir. Verse 1 Before He founded the earth, Drew the stars above, My Father had me in Mind, Focus of His wonderful Love. Chorus Verse 2 Part of one family, Godʼs daughters and sons, Full of His beauty and power, He knows that we all are one. Bridge I listen for Your commandments, Love to hear the sound of Your voice. I know I have so much freedom When I make this choice. Chorus Verse 3 Joy of the Father that named me Called me as His own Inheritor of the Kingdom I have a heavenly home. Chorus
Woman 03:28
Woman Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 There once was a woman who for eighteen years, Was infirm, bowed together and through all of her tears Could find not a single way to lift up herself, Though surely she’d sought every known source of help. Chorus Woman, woman! Woman you are free to glorify God. You are free of resentment’s path that ages have trod. You can stand up and drop all that weight of concern. You are worthy and joyous, unfettered, unspurned– Oh, woman, woman, you are free. Verse 2 Woman, did you bow from the burdens of life? Did you feel you were martyred as mother and wife? Did you act out the script, that was handed to you, Of supporting all others while the years by you flew? Chorus Verse 3 Now, as soon as Jesus saw her, he called her to him. And as if to dismiss all that oppression within, He said, woman thou are loosed from thine infirmity. He touched her. She stood up straight immediately. Chorus
Rise Up and Walk Words and music by Susan Mack Arranged by The Solo Committee Verse 1 They carried their friend on his bed through the crowd That jostling throng, hot and anxious and loud, But the press was too great, they could not find a way To get in that house where Christ Jesus would say, “Rise up and walk! Oh I say, Rise up and walk!” Verse 2 Undaunted they climbed up on to the housetop, Not allowing an obstacle, impediment to stop Them from bringing their friend to the Master for healing, So, they let down his bed on some ropes through the ceiling. “Rise up and walk! Oh I say, Rise up and walk!” Verse 3 Now the Pharisees and Scribes did protest and did reason Saying, “This man he blasphemes, God alone can forgive sin.” Then discerning their thoughts, Jesus asked them a question. “Is it easier to heal the sick or say you are forgiven?” “Rise up and walk! Oh I say, Rise up and walk!” Verse 4 Then Jesus said unto them, “You need to know That the son of man has power to forgive sins here and now.” He commanded the man, “Arise, go home!” Right then he took up his bed and departed praising God. “Rise up and walk! Oh I say, Rise up and walk!” Verse 5 Your sins are forgiven you, your slate it is clean. That palsy which bound you, no longer is seen. Take up your couch today, let go of remorse. The Master has shown to you an infinite source. “Rise up and walk! Oh I say Rise up and walk!”


12 more original musical settings of Bible stories and Scriptural passages with glorious harmonies blending with the solo voice and guitar accompaniment— messages that bring the Bible alive.


released July 1, 2003


all rights reserved



The Solo Committee Hernando, Florida

In May of 2001 a small group of people began holding Christian Science Sunday services on the south side of St. Louis. It was a precious group of people, and Susan, a Christian Science practitioner, decided to drag out her old guitar and write some church solos. She soon was joined by Carey and Sue Loomis and The Solo Committee was born. Over the years they have produced 11 albums. ... more

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